Glenview Vets Offer Curbside Services

dog in a car going to one of Glenview's vets

From annual physicals to complex surgeries, Glenview vets offer state-of-the-art care. When your furry friend needs to see a vet, several practices provide convenient curbside service. Those near our apartments in Glenview include:

Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital

As one of the Northshore’s premier veterinary clinics, the Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital has offered quality service for over 30 years. For the best care, Dr. Ashley Rossman combines both traditional Chinese medicine and Western techniques. She provides customized treatment plans and welcomes everyone like family. Varied services include vaccinations, microchipping, and dental cleanings. 

Becker Animal Hospital 

A local fixture since 1965, the Becker Animal Hospital provides comprehensive care for dogs, cats, rabbits, and reptiles. The vets have over 100 years of combined experience. Your pet may see Dr. Mary Dombeck. After college, she joined the Peace Corps and worked as a health education volunteer in Mali before coming to Becker. Today, Dr. Dombeck enjoys treating patients and thinks outside the box to offer quality treatment. Services include wellness exams, chiropractic care, and cold laser therapy. 

Morton Grove Animal Hospital

The mission at the Morton Grove Animal Hospital is to enrich the relationships between people and their pets by providing unparalleled care. Doctor Brian Harris and his wife purchased the clinic in 2008. He enjoys the challenge of diagnostics, while she has a special interest in helping families bond with their new furry friends. They attend yearly seminars and stay current on the latest veterinary technology. Services include spaying/neutering, radiology, and laser surgery. 

After the appointment with one of these Glenview vets, stop by one of Glenview’s pizzerias and grab a specialty pizza to go. If you’d like to become a resident of Valley Lo Towers, then please contact us. Our leasing staff would love for you to discover all that our Glenview apartments have to offer.

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