Take On a Challenge with These Escape Rooms near Glenview

Do you enjoy a challenge? If so, visit an escape room where you’ll find exciting real-life adventure games. To win, you’ll need to crack codes and solve difficult puzzles. The best escape rooms near Glenview include:

Lock Chicago 

At Lock Chicago, the themed rooms feature innovative puzzles and state-of-the-art technology. The games require players to use equal parts creativity, teamwork, and brainpower to succeed. Unlike other escape rooms, the staff offers alternative end goals for each challenge. 

There are three rooms to choose from, including Matsuri. The village of Matsuri is nearing peace. The rival gangs that took over have decided to end their decades-long battle, and they are celebrating with a festival. But the symbol of unity has disappeared. If it’s not found by the start of the festivities, the fighting will resume. Can you find the symbol of unity before time runs out? 

Outatime Games

Whether you’re new to escape rooms or a veteran, Outatime Games offers experiences designed for everyone. Avid gamers David and Kelly strive to provide immersive challenges. Teams should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time. 

Try Escape from the Whitechapel Club. Professor William Cluefinder believes he has cracked the Jack the Ripper case wide open. He has discovered that the Whitechapel Club holds the key to Jack the Ripper’s true identity. But it’s about to be demolished in 60 minutes. Can you help him collect evidence and abort the demolition before the building is gone for good? This room features 40 puzzles and has a 35 percent success rate.

In addition to these escape rooms, Valley Lo Towers is also near premier shopping and dining destinations. To call our vibrant apartment community home, please contact us. We will gladly give you a personalized tour where you can see firsthand all we have to offer.

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