Enjoy the Funniest Channels on YouTube

watching comedic channels on YouTube at home

Believe it or not, over 50 million YouTubers add videos every day.¬†Among them are comedians who always offer plenty of laughs. When you’re ready for a little comedy at your apartment in Glenview at Valley Lo Towers, the funniest channels on YouTube include:

Jenna Marbles 

With over three billion views and 20.2 million subscribers, Jenna Marbles boasts one of the most popular channels. Her first video was “How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking.” It quickly gained attention from major news outlets and is her most-watched video with more than 65 million views. No woman on YouTube has more subscribers, and her thoughts quickly turn into some of the most popular videos of the year. Choices include Doing Double Vision Makeup, Giving My Hamster a Home Makeover, and DIY Wedding Gift. 


Ryan Higa is an American comedian best known for his comedic YouTube videos. He calls his channel NigaHiga and boasts over four billion views. Niga means rant in Japan, and you never know what Ryan’s going to say. Videos include Dancing without Moving, How to Make Mumble Rap, and Cooking But Not Really: Hot Pockets.

You Up with Nikki Glaser 

You Up with Nikki Glaser “channels the energy of a comedy talk show into a podcast.” Nikki invites her fellow comedians who often overshare about their personal lives. Topics range from makeup to dating, and each video is as entertaining as the last. Nikki is one of the funniest female comics. She performs to sold-out crowds across the country and often jokes about her most humiliating moments. On You Up, videos include Which Words Do You Pronounce Weirdly? Long-distance Relationship Problems, and The Stuff You Need to Be Considered a Real Adult. 

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