Enjoy Online Art Classes with Skillshare

woman working on an art project at home

Would you like to discover your inner Picasso? If so, enjoy online art classes with Skillshare without leaving your Valley Lo Towers home. They’re led by skilled instructors and include everything from drawing to modern watercolor techniques. If this sounds fun to you, sessions include:

Botanical Illustration: Paint a Colorful Garden with Watercolor and Gouache 

Botanical Illustration is a 35-minute class where you’ll learn how to hand-create whimsical garden scenes. Instructor Sara Boccaccini Meadows is a print illustrator and designer. Originally from England, she graduated from the Leeds College of Art with a degree in Textiles and Surface Pattern. During the lesson, she’ll guide you through the initial sketch to the polished piece that blends the soft fluidity of watercolor with the vibrant chalkiness of gouache. 

The Art & Science of Drawing 

The Art & Science of Drawing will teach you how to draw in just one day. It features forty mini-lessons ranging from basic skills to more advanced shading techniques. The class has over 34,000 students and offers some of the clearest and most accessible drawing instruction around. Teacher Brent Eviston has been drawing at museums and galleries for more than 20 years. He started teaching online in 2016, and works with budding artists in 159 countries.

Drawing Faces: How to Draw a Portrait 

Perfect for beginners, How to Draw a Portrait will teach you how to create faces that will impress your family and friends. The class covers breaking the face down into basic shapes and learning facial anatomy. Instructor Joshua Johnson is a freelance illustrator who draws with pen and ink before digitizing the image. He works on small projects, and during the final class, he’ll help you create a portrait of a family member friend, or even yourself. 

After your art classes with Skillshare, check out these binge-worthy shows. If you would like to call Valley Lo Towers home, please contact us. We will gladly schedule a showing so you can see firsthand all our Glenview apartments have to offer. 

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