Stay Warm This Winter at These Cafes in Glenview

As much as everyone loves Starbucks, the chain’s popularity can mean long waits this time of year. With this winter season getting colder by the day, treat yourself at these local cafes in Glenview. 

Glenview Grind

Known for the locally sourced brew, delicious pastries, and friendly environemnt, Glenview Grind is the cafe to go to. Choose it for cozy moments of relaxation or even those times when you need to get some work done. The staff is more than happy to try out new recipes, and their baked goods are some of the city’s favorites.

Boba Club

Fill your craving for fresh boba at the masterpiece that is Boba Club. Their menu ranges from coffee to tea, and even some pretty tasty desserts pop up to choose from. They have a modern set up and their location reminds customers of a VIP lounge considering they’re the hidden gem at the strip mall on Waukegan Road. You’re sure to feel like an A-lister when you discover the place.

Eggsperience Cafe

If you’re looking for good coffee with a little more to put on your stomach, you’ll have the ‘eggsperience’ of a lifetime at this little cafe. Whether it’s breakfast or lunch you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered. Many of the items on their menu are gluten-free, and they pride themselves on their large portions and extensive menu. Additionally, the staff is almost as delicious as the food with their amazing service.

In addition to these cafes in Glenview, check out these local breweries near our community for even more places to connect with friends. Stay local and stay warm this winter season, and contact us to find out what the best brew is near your Valley Lo Towers apartment. As we like to say: live, unwind, and enjoy! 

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