5 Running Apps to Liven Up Your Outdoor Runs

man running with dog and a running app

Are you going for more walks and runs lately near your Valley Lo Towers home? If you are looking for more motivation to get outside, then try these running apps to help you out the door. 

Virtual Racing

Are you motivated by the bling that comes from in-person racing?  Try signing up for a virtual race. Companies such as Yes.Fit and Will Run For Bling hold regular virtual races. You sign up for your race and then log your miles through GPS tracking apps, such as MapMyRun. Once you reach the finish line they ship you your bling, such as t-shirts and medals. These virtual runs vary in distance from decently short to very long.

Running for Charity

Do you want to add more meaning to your runs?  Charity Miles logs your miles through GPS tracking and will donate money based on how many miles you logged. You get to choose the charity you support from the provided list.


Do you like a good story? Try the Zombie, Run! app. The setting is during a zombie apocalypse, and you are a “runner” for your survivor group. Since you are one of their best runners, your job is to make supply runs and other errands. Zombie run operates alongside your chosen music app and breaks in to tell segments of the story. Sometimes there are “chases” when a horde of zombies starts to come after you and will need to pick up the pace to get away from them. This is a great option if you want to throw some sprints into your workout. If not, you can turn chases off and just enjoy the story as you jog. Chapters come out incrementally if you use the free version, but if you pay for premium, you don’t have to wait for the next chapter to come out. There are also training plans from 5K to marathon that you can purchase.  

If zombies are not your forte, you can also try The Walk by the same people who created Zombies, Run! In this story, you are an agent who has been given the task of helping to save the world. You are given missions, checkpoints, and achievements. The story unfolds as you walk or run. If you are tracking steps, this app also works as a pedometer. This is a fun way to gamify your outside time.

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