3 Serene Nature Spots to Enjoy the Outdoors in Glenview

A man walks along a path in a park near a lake in the early morning in the autumn

If you are looking for whimsical or fun parks to go to any time of the year, there are some wonderful places to discover in Glenview, Illinois. Nature lovers and explorers alike will be happy with such an extravagant selection of the outdoors in Glenview. Take a look at some parks around Valley Lo Towers.

Little Bear Garden Park

Near our apartments in Glenview, Little Bear Garden Park is a sensory, story-themed park. There is a flower garden, a water feature, and a playground. You’ll find lots of trees and benches, and the park offers bike parking, making it easy to ride over from our community.

Gallery Park

Gallery Park, also known as the Central Park of Glenview, is a lovely place. Opening at 5:00 a.m., you can have an early morning stroll on paved or unpaved walkways, go fishing, and take in beautiful ponds for a peaceful moment. This large area used to be the Glenview Naval Air Station and is named after Captain Daniel Gallery. Now, you can experience 142 gorgeous acres of land!

Sleepy Hollow Park

Sleepy Hollow Park is a hidden sanctuary in the woods and covers about 7 acres. Some unique features are shady areas, an entrance from a neighborhood off Maplewood Lane, a paved parking lot, a playground, and a trailhead following the river. This peaceful place is always there for a reprieve from daily life.

If you enjoy exploring the outdoors in Glenview and want a new place to call home in this charming area, then contact us. You can also browse our blog to find more local attractions and destinations in Glenview.

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