Explore the Chicago Botanic Garden from Home

image of purple and green plants and a pond at the Chicago Botanic Garden

The Chicago Botanic Garden is one of the city’s hidden gems, probably because of its location away from the heart of downtown. Fortunately, it’s right in the backyard of Glenview residents. Experiencing the garden is now even easier thanks to their expanded online services. Prepare for your next visit with these virtual activities, which you […]

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Comic Book Stores in Glenview Offering Comics and More

A woman sitting on her couch with her feet up while using her laptop | comic book stores in Glenview

The country’s first comic book store opened in 1967. Today, these shops are found from coast to coast. Along with the books, many also offer things like card games, collectibles, and more. The comic book stores near our Glenview apartments offering online shopping include: Comix Revolution Comix Revolution began “supporting the pictorial world in 1996.” […]

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Go to Glenview Butchers for Gourmet Meats

woman preparing a meat dish in her kitchen | Glenview butchers

The flavors and textures of high-quality meat will take any dish to the next level. Bring home the very best meats in Glenview by shopping from specialty butchers near Valley Lo Towers. Whether you’re looking for fresh poultry or tender brisket, these local favorites will not disappoint. Check out three excellent Glenview butchers located within […]

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