Take a Stroll Through the Chicago Botanic Garden

botanical garden

Just eighteen minutes from Valley Lo Towers is a picturesque destination featuring 27 gardens over 385 acres.

We are talking about the Chicago Botanic Garden, and it’s one of only seventeen gardens accredited by the American Association of Museums.

More than one million people visited in 2017, and everyone can explore daily on foot or by tram.

Gardens and natural areas include:

McDonald Woods

Surrounded by towering oaks, McDonald Woods is a part of an oak woodland that flourished in the Midwest more than a century ago. It spans one hundred acres and is home to several state-listed threatened and endangered plant species such as the dwarf raspberry and bent-seeded hop sedge.

Spider Island

Cross a boardwalk to enter an intimate retreat called Spider Island. It’s the smallest of the garden’s nine islands and comes complete with trees, ferns, shrubs, and flowering perennials.

Lakeside Gardens

Curving along the Great Basin, Lakeside Gardens provides a changing tapestry of colors during each season. Featuring a naturalistic style, the gardens offer a unique combination of trees, perennials, and ground covers. The irises and roses are a highlight year-round, and the aquatic plants were selected for their adaptability to shoreline challenges.

Waterfall Garden

Using water in garden displays dates back centuries as it helps provide a peaceful atmosphere. At the botanical garden, a 45-foot waterfall cascades down a hillside into small landscaped pools, and the steep slopes offer the plant material perfect drainage. As visitors explore, they can also enjoy beautiful views across the lake, and learn about the seasonal adaptation of more than fifteen thousand plants and trees.

The Chicago Botanic Garden is just one of the outdoor destinations near our apartment community. If you’re looking for a place to call home, please contact us to arrange a showing where you can see firsthand all we have to offer.

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