Spend the Day at Glenview’s Historic Wagner Farm

Dairy cows taking a drink along a stream in tall green grass

Located just two miles from Valley Lo Towers, Historic Wagner Farm is the perfect place to step back in time and lose yourself for the day. No matter how old you are, you can find something to enjoy at this historic farm and award-winning Heritage Center. 


The 18.6-acre Historic Wagner Farm is one of the last dairy farms operating in Cook County and is open to the public for education and recreation. It provides a unique first-hand opportunity to experience how things used to be. Discover the crops they grow on the farm and learn about their livestock including cows in the pasture, pigs, draft horses, and chickens. Discover the source of the food we eat and attend special seasonal events. Finally, explore the interactive exhibits available in their Heritage Center.


If you have never been inside a silo before, you will definitely want to check out the interactive silo exhibit. This educational two-story exhibit is found within the Heritage Center. You can learn about the history of silage and silos through educational displays and photos. You can also use customized building blocks of wood, metal, and brick to build your own miniature silos. Turn the crank of the silage machine to watch corn plants being delivered to the top. This hands-on learning experience with farming practices from the 1900s is something you will never forget.


If you like collecting souvenirs, Historic Wagner Farms has something for you. Visit the Museum Store for a special token to remind you of your visit, or shop at the 1930’s Grocery Store to experience what shopping was like in the early 20th century. 

Besides this historic farm, Valley Lo Towers community is central to several local restaurants and beautiful attractions worth a visit. To schedule a tour and see all we have to offer, contact us today. 

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